[addme.] Pose#093 (Single-Bento/AtF) / Kuji-kiri


Hi there! This is new item for “MATSURI” Event.

CREATORS COLLECTION BOX presents Special Event

This is the “Kuji-kiri”(九字護身法) pose set. The “Kuji-kiri” is a one of the way to self-defense method, hand gestures.
>> Go to Wikipedia for more details (English)

When I worked for this, I searched about Kuji-kiri on the internet. There are several types/ways of formats. I made this set based on the most famous that I feel.

  • Static Bento Poses
  • NO mirror poses
  • NO face animation
  • for Arm to Hand
    – Not full body pose: Please use other pose mixed
  • Try DEMO, first.

Please take a look at this as well:
The Attentions before the usage for Bento-enabled poses

Thank you.

Best Regards,
addme. Owner & Designer

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