INFORMATION about Gacha items

Hi there, long time no see! 🙂

Today, I have an important announcement.

As many of you may already know, due to a policy change at Linden Lab, Gacha will be banned as of August 31.

Policy Change Regarding Gacha

In accordance with this, [addme.] will change the Gacha sales to normal sales from September 1st, and change the permissions of them to no trans and copyable.
And the gacha vendors will be removed from mainstore on August 31.

Basically, gacha items will be fatpack.
At the same time, it will be available in the Marketplace.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,
(addme. Owner & Designer)


Updated my main store and the Marketplace

Hello there!
I decided to resell the items I had sold at the previous brand, with renamed.
([scene.] is my previous brand’s name)
The list is here.
These are all single poses for female.

Female – Stand – Standard
[scene.]F021-025 → [addme.] Pose#005
#005-1…#005-5 +mirror poses
(The same shall apply hereafter)

[scene.]F046-050 → [addme.] Pose#015

Female – Stand – Sexy
[scene.]F026-030 → [addme.] Pose#009

[scene.]F031-035 → [addme.] Pose#011

[scene.]F041-045 → [addme.] Pose#014

[scene.]F061-065 → [addme.] Pose#021

Female – Sit / GSit
[scene.]F001-005 → [addme.] Pose#001

[scene.]F006-010 → [addme.] Pose#002

Female – Others
[scene.]F016-020 → [addme.] Pose#004

[scene.]F036-040 → [addme.] Pose#013
(no props)

[scene.]F066-070 → [addme.] Pose#022
(included props)
The purchase from the single
pose vendor, you can get only pose(s).
If you want to get the single pose(s) with prop, please ask me via note card.

Female – Stand – Dress/Kimono
Already at the store…
just listing here again as renamed items:

.[addme.] Pose#003AD ([scene]F011-015)
[scene.]F011-015 → [addme.] Pose#003

.[addme.] Pose#018 AD ([scene]F0051-055)
[scene.]F051-055 → [addme.] Pose#018

.[addme.] Pose#019 AD ([scene]F0055-060)
[scene.]F056-060 → [addme.] Pose#019

.[addme.] Pose#025 AD ([scene]F071-075)
[scene.]F071-075 → [addme.] Pose#025
(no props)

You can try demo at the main store.

You can purchase the single pose(s) at the main store.
(At the right side wall… “Female” sign is there)

And Fatpacks are arrived at the Marketplace, too.
Marketplace has updated!

[ !! ATTENTION !! ]
These are not new release, just only resell with renamed.

Please attention about double purchase if you already have [scene.] items.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via note card.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
addme. owner & designer

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[addme.] @ Pose Fair 2017

Hello there!
[addme.] is participate to Pose Fair 2017.
Here are all exclusive items for this event.
If you want to know the details, please click each picture.

Thank you.

Pose Fair 2017 (April 14th – 29th):
▶ Flickr Group:

[addme.] booth LM:
▶ Flickr Group:

[addme.]Pose#082AD1024px [addme.]Pose#089AD1024px

[addme.]Pose#083AD1024px [addme.]Pose#086AD1024px

Ground Sit:
[addme.]Pose#084AD1024px [addme.]Pose#087AD1024px

Ground Sit (Lay):
[addme.]Pose#088AD1024-2px [addme.]Pose#090AD1024px

Headphone friendly

Bento (Pose from Head to Fingers):
[addme.]Pose#091AD1024pxB [addme.]Pose#092AD1024px

Best Regards,
addme. owner & designer

[addme.] Blogger Application


CLOSED! Thank you so much!

Result is here:

Hello there!
I need some female avatar bloggers! ♥
Please fill out an application below:

Open: April 12th – 14th, 2017

* no need to apply current bloggers

Thank you!

Best Regards,
addme. owner & designer

Flickr Group:

[addme.] Main Store will move!


Hello there,
I decided to move [addme.] main store.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Moving: August 31st 23:00~24:00 (SLT / scheduled)

NEW Location:
* The new location is empty till the moving.

I will do the moving as soon as possible.
And I will participate the “Mix” event at the new location! 🙂

Please check the details on the next post, about the event.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

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The main store is re-opened


Hello everyone,
The main store has been rebuilt, and re-opened now!

I will use single pose vendor for almost all single poses.
You can purchase my pose files one by one.

The Fatpacks will be event exclusive items.
Then after the event, you can find them at Marketplace.

And, some old products are at 2nd floor.
You can find the TP pad by the desk of the shop.

I hope you like my new shop! 🙂
Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
addme. – Ryo

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[addme.] @ Mix Novenber 2015 (Sale Category)


Hello everyone,
addme. is participating to Mix in November round on Sale category. (50%OFF)
* 7 couple pose (with mirrors)
* not new / after renumbering from my previous brand
* only at our in-world store

Please wear the Mix HUD & Happy shopping! 🙂


MP link for HUD (free):

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