Please try DEMO first!

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in my poses.
I strongly recommend you “please try demo before purchase”.
Because all of our shapes are different but that affects the poses greatly.
Some of my poses needs delicate positioning for fitting.
So please try demo first before purchase.
And then if you got convince enough, please purchase it.
I can not accept the refund/change request the reason by “not fit for me”.

*** If you want to try DEMO about only-Marketplace items, please contact me with pose name/number.
I will prepare its DEMO for you about 1 week at my main store.
(I will notice for you)

I have some hints for pose adjustment by body-shape edit.
When you want to use poses in perfect fit, please try shape-modifying for fitting.

*** Please make shape copy before modifying ***

At the following sliders for…
Arm/hands related/combination poses:
▶ Body Thickness @ [Body]
▶ Shoulders @ [Torso]
▶ Arm Length @ [Torso]
▶ Hand Size @ [Torso]

Hands~Face related/combination poses:
▶ Head Size @ [Head]

There are no perfect answer by each numbers.
We need to try some cases.
I really hope that you can get satisfactory adjustment.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
addme. Owner & Designer