Updated my main store and the Marketplace

Hello there!
I decided to resell the items I had sold at the previous brand, with renamed.
([scene.] is my previous brand’s name)
The list is here.
These are all single poses for female.

Female – Stand – Standard
[scene.]F021-025 → [addme.] Pose#005
#005-1…#005-5 +mirror poses
(The same shall apply hereafter)

[scene.]F046-050 → [addme.] Pose#015

Female – Stand – Sexy
[scene.]F026-030 → [addme.] Pose#009

[scene.]F031-035 → [addme.] Pose#011

[scene.]F041-045 → [addme.] Pose#014

[scene.]F061-065 → [addme.] Pose#021

Female – Sit / GSit
[scene.]F001-005 → [addme.] Pose#001

[scene.]F006-010 → [addme.] Pose#002

Female – Others
[scene.]F016-020 → [addme.] Pose#004

[scene.]F036-040 → [addme.] Pose#013
(no props)

[scene.]F066-070 → [addme.] Pose#022
(included props)
The purchase from the single
pose vendor, you can get only pose(s).
If you want to get the single pose(s) with prop, please ask me via note card.

Female – Stand – Dress/Kimono
Already at the store…
just listing here again as renamed items:

.[addme.] Pose#003AD ([scene]F011-015)
[scene.]F011-015 → [addme.] Pose#003

.[addme.] Pose#018 AD ([scene]F0051-055)
[scene.]F051-055 → [addme.] Pose#018

.[addme.] Pose#019 AD ([scene]F0055-060)
[scene.]F056-060 → [addme.] Pose#019

.[addme.] Pose#025 AD ([scene]F071-075)
[scene.]F071-075 → [addme.] Pose#025
(no props)

You can try demo at the main store.

You can purchase the single pose(s) at the main store.
(At the right side wall… “Female” sign is there)

And Fatpacks are arrived at the Marketplace, too.
Marketplace has updated!

[ !! ATTENTION !! ]
These are not new release, just only resell with renamed.

Please attention about double purchase if you already have [scene.] items.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via note card.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
addme. owner & designer

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